Greengate Square is public square and was at the heart of a multi-million pound regeneration plan connecting Manchester with Salford.  The completion of Greengate Square marked the first phase of  the redevelopment of wasteland the size of 15 football pitches.

The opening of the 1.2 hectare Greengate Square, the site of the former Victoria bus station was the first step towards completing the project.

The ‘amphitheatre’ in the square host's events, concerts and markets.  It features beacons which produce light and mist displays, and 36 coloured fountains which is programmed to suit different events.


Salford city mayor Ian Stewart said: “Greengate Square will be an icon of our proud city and a central point for creativity as it kick-starts commercial activity in the area.” Potential developers, investors, funders and residents were invited to the square's launch to learn more about the project and future plans.

This was a great modern lift to an old city centre. Structural glass in top fixed track with stainless steel offset handrail and a delicate stainless capping.  MCR Installations were brought in for only the installation.